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Podcast 2019

616 Retirement Calls for a Dermatologist


There are some things that seem to evolve right along with us as we age. One of them is the physical change. We all know that. Some things we may have not experienced before and never really felt the need to inquire into. Dermatology is one.

615 Death & Taxes


"Death and taxes are the only two things of which you can be sure", goes an old family and possibly universal saying. Retired folks are old enough to know both are true. This podast focuses on just the death factor and being prepared.

614 Technology Challenge


It isn't easy to keep up with technological changes. It takes intention, effort and time to even keep close. Out other choice is to refuse and stay the course. Living with only snail-mail, a land-line and an antenna on the roof would take an adjustment.

613 Friends


Friends can make all the difference in one's life. We not only want them but we need them. Retirement can bring an end to many long term friendships. We, and our friends, tend to move on. What to do? Sometimes we just have to extend ourselves.

612 Learning to Relax


Relaxing is something I had to learn. I guess I learned to be tense first. Then came conscious effort to master the relaxation. Sometimes we don't even recognize that we are tense. It is important to know the difference.



This is a continuation of the previous podcast focused on going south for the winter. What is it like?

610 Snowbirds


Retirement and going south for the winter seem to go together like cookies and ice cream. We just made such a move. Here is a brief description of our experience. It might help you consider steps involved.

609 Alaska


ALASKA! That is the dream destination of many, many retirees. We just want to go. This is one of those dreams that is readily available and possible. Here is a story of how I went to Alaska and suggestions for you to venture north.

608 Upkeep


It is amazing how much upkeep one requires as we age. Our houses, our cars, our furniture, our bodies, our mind: they all require constant attention. We can just let them go but we know that damage will be done and we will have to pay the price.
606 Habits Falling into or creating new habits are are different. Some times falling into habits can cause problems. It is usually much better to consciously creating habits. We want good habits that have been carefully considered.




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