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Del Lowery
"Retirement Talk is an audio podcast (written script a click away) intended to help people who are retired, or considering retirement, to examine their own lives. We will consider an active retirement life in all its facets - not just financial. A retirement life-style that has been considered  carefully is our goal. We want to encourage thought and action." Del Lowery - Host


677 Friends: Before & After Retirement forces us into another world. We don’t have that workplace connection. We have to look elsewhere for friends. We just need to remember that developing friends require a little effort. We have to get up and get out.

676 Focus


Focusing on what we can control takes some effort. It may not be easy but it is certainly worth the effort.Retirement offers us time to pursue whatever we wish but sometimes our space and time gets invaded. We have to withstand invasion on a daily basis. Focusing on our own wishes requires constant effort.

675 Making Life More Interesting


"Learning makes life more interesting". Community college can be invaluable. No test, no grades, no attendance taken, and low cost; seems like a source that most retired people would find very appealing. It also allows us a place to meet people within our community - that's a bonus.

674 The Neighborhood


We don't retire with the hope that the neighborhood turns into a ghetto. It feels good to walk down a street that is clean; that is filled with people who are busy shopping, walking, sitting in coffee shops or lingering over a glass of wine.

673 Free At Last


There seems to be a real advantage in simplifying one’s life as one gets older. I’m not sure it comes with age just because we are older or if, indeed, it comes with wisdom that takes us a long time to acquire. Maybe it would be just as advantageous to simplify life at an earlier age but we just don’t know enough to do it.

672 Tai Chi, Health and the Lost Wallet


When I took my first lesson in Tai Chi I swore that if it didn’t really help me that my first day would be my last day. Now it must be well over ten thousand days since that first day. Tai Chi remains a daily practice.



Dogs and people seem to make a perfect match – especially dogs and older people. They are friends, they are company, they're family. There is something about being assured of unconditional love on a daily basis that is hard to refuse. A dog could be a great boon to retirement or any form of social isolation.

670 Rant - Alarms & News


Today, more than ever, one needs to take control of one’s news intake. We need to be informed but not overwhelmed thinking about alarms, alarm clocks, and the news. I don’t mean to pontificate – I just mean to rant. There is more to life than today's news.

669 Choosing to Move


We wanted a temperate climate – not hot and not cold. We wanted a university in the town and we wanted it on the west coast, close to mountains and salt water, close to a big city (Seattle and Vancouver in this case), not so small that we would know everyone and not so big that we couldn’t feel like part of the community.

668 Traveling by Plane


My wife is starting to hesitate longer and longer between suggesting trips. It just doesn’t seem like it is worth it anymore. She knows there will be resistance. We don’t want to admit that for us the time for exotic travel may be a thing of the past.

667 Kicking Back Without Guilt


What is to be said for sitting down, enjoying life’s moments, breathing deeply, walking the beach or just rocking back in forth in the old chair that sits on the porch. What is to be said for those that truly do wish to “let go”

666 What Do You Do


“What are you doing with retirement?” a friend of mine asked. I never know how to respond. Easy to answer that question when one has a job: “I’m still teaching. I’m still doing law. I’m still farming.” It trips right off the tongue and the conversation can move on. Not so when it comes to explaining what one does in retirement.



Road Trip USA Series Many retired folks dream of taking an extended road trip across America. Follow us as we plan our trips and actually ride the road. There are two trips taken and described:

A. Western, Southern and Southeastern Edge of America

B. American West

C. West Coast and East of the Sierra & Cascade Mountains

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