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WHAT to do with the rest of your life?


Del Lowery
"Retirement Talk is an audio podcast (written script a click away) intended to help people who are retired, or considering retirement, to examine their own lives. We will consider an active retirement life in all its facets - not just financial. A retirement life-style that has been considered  carefully is our goal. We want to encourage thought and action." Del Lowery - Host


731 Senior Moments? I can't remember how many times I have forgotten something. It must number in the millions or at least the hundreds of thousands. "Senior Moments" some folks call them. l don't like that label. I've forgotten things all of my life.

730 Retirement/Caregiving


Sometimes I think being retired and being a caregiver are synonymous. Perhaps not synonymous but at least closely related. Retirement usually comes to us in our sixties and it is at that same age that our parents are moving into their eighties. At the same time kids or grandkids may be moving in on us.

729 Ownership of Your Own Life


When the end nears and you ask the question; "Did I live as I wanted?" or "Did I do what I wanted in my retirement years?" it would sure be nice to be able to answer with a firm "yes".

728 Look Around


Vision is an amazing thing! There - I've said it. I may keep bumping into things and occasionally  fall off my bike but part of my retirement has to include pausing to look around.

727 Attempting a Change


Think about what we are doing with our lives. Is it fulfilling or not? Are we doing what we want with our time? Doubt starts circling in the mind and will not stand still.

726 Changing Direction


Shifting gears puts change into action. We move at a different speed. We move in a new direction. We see different things; meet new people. We face new challenges. Life becomes a bit more unpredictable.

725 Feet


"If you take care of your feet your feet will take care of you".  Whenever I say that my wife and my grandchildren roll their eyes. I usually don't say it around anyone else. Feet are something we do not talk about.

724 The Sky is Falling


Today we face global warming, energy production and distribution issues, inequitable distribution of wealth and services, water shortages, terrorism and the ever present issue of pandemics. In retirement we want to continue to help shape the world but we also find it important to sit a while in the sun or the shade and enjoy the moment.

723 A Time to Dream


Retirement offers us a chance to reignite the imagination concerning what we can do with our life. We are no longer young and we cannot aspire to some things that require a youthful body. But other than that we are free to explore to our hearts delight.

722 Movies


Retirement affords us a special time in life when we can pick and choose how we spend our time. One could do worse than making movies or videos a big part of retirement.

721 Give Life A Poke


"Give life a little poke", Steve Jobs said something like that. He went on, "Everything around us was created by someone no smarter than you are." Retirement is the perfect time. Poke away.



Road Trip USA Series Many retired folks dream of taking an extended road trip across America. Follow us as we plan our trips and actually ride the road. There are two trips taken and described:

A. Western, Southern and Southeastern Edge of America

B. American West

C. West Coast and East of the Sierra & Cascade Mountains

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