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Del Lowery
"Retirement Talk is an audio podcast (written script a click away) intended to help people who are retired, or considering retirement, to examine their own lives. We will consider an active retirement life in all its facets - not just financial. A retirement life-style that has been considered  carefully is our goal. We want to encourage thought and action." Del Lowery - Host


717 One Thousand Months I don't want to have any regrets. It takes a certain amount of forward thinking to conclude this. It also takes a certain amount of courage to realize it. Maybe the young man in the coffee shop did the math concerning one thousand months.

716 Kindness, Gentleness, Compassion


One of the major advantages of retirement: we can look back over our life and measure our efforts. We may not be able to repair the damage done but we can redirect the remainder of our days with reflection, awareness and effort.

715 Get A Coach


It seems like coach has been accepted as the proper term to apply to most any instructor. Personal coaches are available to help us guide our own lives wherever they might be or wherever we might want them to go.

714 Small Things


We don't have to have the biggest house, farm, car or anything else. They may not be the most desirable. As a matter of fact; in many instances small is much better -  if not beautiful.

713 Talking Across Generations


We retired folks have a perfect opportunity to talk to younger people. We have had a life time of  experiences and education. We have been down many roads: made good choices and bad. We just need to learn how to tell a good story -

712 One Thousand Hours


Malcom Gladwell, writer for the New Yorker magazine, recently wrote a book where he suggested that if you do anything for 10 thousand hours you can be successful at it. I'm living proof that there are exceptions.

711 Keeping Up With Technology


"Keeping up" with technology certainly has its advantages. It makes life more interesting. It allows us to communicate in ways we can hardly imagine. It keeps doors and windows open. It ties families and friends together as past generations could have never envisioned.

710 Dealing with Grief


A listener to these podcasts wrote recently and ask that I address the issue of losing friends, both younger and older. Grief is not a topic to which I lay any claim to being and expert. But like most of us who are retired we have had to deal with it at various times in our life.

709 Farewell 2020


It is the end of the year, the year 2020. What a year it has been. What are we retired folks talking about? Well, we talk about the passing year more than we ever have in our lives.

708 Tai Chi


In a recent email to Retirement Talk, John from McLean, Virginia wondered if I could talk a bit about Tai Chi. He exercises regularly, is close to retirement age and feels a bit tense at his work. He wanted to know if I thought Tai Chi might be worked into a routine that might help him.

707 Downsizing


Over ten years have now passed since talking with my friend concerning his move to downsize. He seems to be fairly content with his decision.  He moved to the place that offered more space for his work as a guitar luthier. He did not go for location above all else.

706 What Am I Doing Here


Retirement gives us time to think things over. Maybe the existentialists had it wrong. The real life of the absurd would be if we were to live forever. The older I get the more I think so.

705 Moving To Be Close to Children


What’s a person to do? Move? Leave the community that you know and follow your children across the country? Or, perhaps encourage your children to move back to your community. That doesn’t seem like a very wise nor fair thing to do.

704 Watermelon Burgers


We have now been vegetarians for ten years. We have deviated into the pescetarian world. We  added fish. Becoming vegetarian or pescetarian opened a lot of doors for us. I can't imagine falling back in the habit of eating dead animals. 

703 Human Touch


The Social Security dilemma, climate change and health care are going to demand change; big change. Now may be a good time to let your imagination run wild.

702 Knowledge Needed


Here is a project for retired people. Our knowledge of history seems to be needed now more than ever. Maybe I'll have to have more conversation with my grandchildren. I know my children are set.

701 Risk It


There is a lesson here for all of us whether we are retired or not. Risk taking is where life rises to its highest level; when we are challenged and step forward; when we throw ourselves into the present moment and risk failure and tempt success. This is when we overcome ourselves.

700 Anniversary


The best part of producing 700 podcasts has been being engaged in the process. It has been a force to include sitting quietly and thinking about life on a regular basis. What have I been doing? What have I been thinking?



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