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Episode 395 Fall Road Trip

This is Retirement Talk. I'm Del Lowery.

A road trip calls. Every fall we get the urge to head out on the open road. I never want to go and talk bad about it but my wife knows enough to push ahead. As soon as I leave the house on the trip I won't want to come home. We have done this every year for some time. It has become part of our retirement routine.

It is beautiful in the fall where we live - the Pacific Northwest - and it is difficult to leave. But we have found that it is beautiful everywhere this time of year. We miss none of the nice weather when we choose to drive away. Nice weather and fall colors seem to be universal with rare exception. 

In the old days I use to look out the window in the fall when the sun was still warm but not hot. The kids were in school. And I would yearn to roam free on roads less crowded. Once retirement came our way we did not hesitate to head out and that is just what we are ready to do again within the week.

I have talked about road trips before in this podcast series. You can find links to the stories of previous trips on my web page. We have wandered from coast to coast always in our rather small SUV with two bicycles strapped on the back.

We have tried many different methods of travel on trips including bicycle, motorcycle, VW Van, car, and train. We love the road trip in our small SUV the best. Our approach has always been the same and have always been celebrated as an important part of each year's activity. We try to always include the three phases of enjoying life: anticipation, actualization and reflection.  We are now in the closing phase of anticipation.

Our anticipation or planning phase seems to always be a little better with each trip. We get out a map. We look at where we have been. We look at some of the places we might want to return to and places where we have never been but have an interest for some reason. It is like we have completed the big picture of the road trip and now we are able to drive into the details. And it is the details where we find hidden gems.

We have picked three major stops on this trip and they all involve a home exchange. We have traveled this way for several years and always find it providing the very best experiences. This year we have used our membership in to arrange for homes or condos in Bozeman, Montana, Sun Valley, Idaho and Hood River, Oregon. These are non-simultaneous exchanges and our exchange partners will come visit our place  some other time. Believe me we have tried hotels, motels, tents, and campers but we find these exchanges the very best accommodations. It is just so nice to be in a regular neighborhood and not in a tourist area or along some commercial strip. 

When we arrive at these places we will unpack the car, buy some groceries and enjoy the local scene. We will bike the town streets and trails, explore the local coffee shops and taste the local cuisine. In between the major stops we will drive slowly. Listen to audio books. Stop often for photos, hikes or bike trails. We always manage to go slower and cover less distance with each trip. There seems to a correlation between going slow and enjoying a road trip - and everything else in life.

We will drink coffee at coffee shops and not in the car. We will take naps while stopped in a scenic places  and not trade off driving so we can cover miles. We will start late in the morning and stop early in the evening or late afternoon.

This trip is anticipated to take us on a two and a half to three week journey. I know that I will not want to come home when it is over. I'm not sure if that is a problem or a blessing. I seem to happy wherever I am be it at home or on the road. I think I am lucky that way.

So for two or three weeks I will not be doing any of these podcasts. I encourage you to visit my web site and click on some of the stories from the Road Trip Series. Those trips were good examples of what I hope will be similar experiences this time.

If you have experience with road trips you would like to share contact me. You could write up the story and read it via the phone for a recording or I would be happy to read it for you.

At any rate, enjoy whatever your doing wherever you might be. The season shouldn't matter and neither should the location.

This is Retirement Talk with something to think about.


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