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2007 Podcasts

001: When Should I Retire?
Considering retirement brings certain aspects of life and death into clear focus. It is important to come to grips with our own tenuous grip on life when considering retirement.

002: What Now?
Now that you have decided to retire the decisions need to be made that will bring happiness into your life. What should those decisions be based upon?

003: What Now? Part Two
On today's program I want to give you a couple of examples of the pursuit of happiness as I have experienced them. This is all in accordance with the Spinozian theory that was the topic our last program.

005: Retiring and Relocating
Retirement can often times bring the choice of staying where you have been living for many year or relocating. Sometimes we are torn. We like it where we live, but - we are drawn by what we don't have; the old, 'grass is always greener' trick.

006: Road Trip via Car
Travel is high on the list of most recent retirees. 'Road trip' is a favorite phrase. Hit the open road. Wouldn't it be nice to just go out and turn the key and drive away from it all.

009: Relocating Alternative in Retirement
Relocating. Sometimes we are torn. We like it where we live, but - we are drawn to somewhere new. Here is a way to have it both ways. It can be done. We count two places as our home.

010: Retiring at the Same Time as your Spouse
Retiring at the same time as your spouse is often times seen as a problem - or a potential problem. Here is an example of how it seemed to have worked out very well.

012: Retirement Wisdom Concerning People and Priorities
Retirement affords us time for a consideration of our life. Sometimes the value of friends from the past can take on special meaning as we reflect on our time with them.

013: What do you do?
The question of 'What do you do?' is asked many times of retired people.  Here is an example of how very difficult it can be to honestly answer this question.  Sometimes 'what we do' is not given to a short answer.  We do many things.

016: Health and a Second Opinion
Retirement may mean many more trips to the doctor.  Sometimes we don't agree with the doctor's diagnosis and desire a second opinion.  Here is an example that illustrates the importance of asserting ourselves when it comes to our health.

018: Retirement Without Guilt
Many of us feel some sense of guilt when we retire.  We think we should be working, doing something productive with our lives.  What is to be said of the person who just wants to sit back, enjoy a few years of relaxation, and assume the position of just being.

021: Death and Decision Making This is the first in a series dealing with our concept of death and how that influences all the decisions of our lives.  Hopefully this story will lead you to consider your own deep thoughts concerning this matter that takes special meaning during the later stages of our lives.

023: Death and Decision Making: Part 2 The choices we make in life are often influenced by how we conceive of death.  This is the third podcast in a series dealing with our concept of death.

024: Retirement and Travel by Plane - Mexico
Travelling by plane can be more difficult as one gets older and as plane travel changes.  Del talks of his recent journey to Mexico and the challenges and the rewards.

025: Retiring in Mexico - Two Examples
Thinking of moving to Mexico?  Here are two examples of people who wanted something different.  They moved to off-the-road places in Mexico: sun, beaches, surf, no automobiles - paradise?

027: Mexico - Treasure of the Sierra Madres Retirement and travel sometimes open unexpected opportunities.  This is a story of trying to make connections with Humphrey Bogart, treasure and madness.  Follow us on our trip to San Sebastian. (On site recording)

029: Advantages of Aging
Judging character, automatic muscle movements, and accumulation of skill and knowledge are some of the recently reported advantages of aging.  This is good news for those of us that are in the retirement zone.

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