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Episode 388 Personal Experience - Sherri Robinson

Hi Del,

I was just listening to your talk about "Being Fit" while weeding my front flower bed.  I agree with the wisdom of life BUT most retirees aren't fit for the last part of life.  The epidemic of type 2 diabetes is caused by lack of exercise and over eating.  I know a doctor that said exercise is the best medicine and that he wished he could bottle it. 

I just received an email from Sherri Robinson who lives in Spokane Valley, Washington. She evidently felt interested enough in this topic of retirement to share some of her thoughts. The letter goes on:


We need to be physically fit to:

play with our grandchildren
work in the yard
clean the house
clean up after a pet
continue to have sex life
enjoy the activities we didn't have time when we worked like hiking, cycling, swimming
not be limited when we travel because we can't carry or lift a suitcase
walk through museums
cook challenging and health meals
try a trip on a sailboat overnight
save money on medication--unless we have genetic problem most seniors don't need to take:
blood pressure medication, cholesterol medication,   diabetic medication, and heart medication if they exercise, keep a healthy weight, and watch their diet

My husband and I just got back from a trip to Costa Rica.  We are both tall.  We spend extra money and get the Economy Plus seats so we have extra leg room.  We also got the new TSA travel to check out lines were easy.  For $85.00 for 5 years, travel can be easier and pleasant. 

 We were the oldest couple on our tour.  We used G Adventures out of Canada which uses only local small hotels, restaurants, guides, and public transportation when possible.  We hauled our backpacks on to buses, boats, down a gravel covered hill with just a rough path to a boat, and up 3 flights of stairs.  Our group of 8 was often the only tourists staying at the hotel.  We didn't have the herding experience of being on a bus with 40 people, stopping at places that only could house 40 people. We did zip lining, hiking,  and kayaking like the 20 somethings. 

I also listening to your podcast about food.  I was a former sales representative and we ate all the time. Portion sizes in restaurants have doubled the past 20 years. It is no wonder people gain weight eating out.  Strategies to not  gain include:

Split an entree, or salad if it is huge
order just a salad or appetizer and salad/soup
eat everything just only half--- and put it in a box or leave it on the plate  This is the hardest to do with growing up, "Clean your Plate."
Chew and then talk, eat slower
don't eat the rolls/bread and ask for veggies instead of the potato
meat servings should be the size of your fist  (4 ounces)
drink a glass of water before a glass of wine or beer

I am currently learning French for our trip to Provence next spring.  Learning a third language as an adult is very hard.  I learned Spanish growing up so French is my third and hard to make the sounds because my soft palate has hardened.  A recent study showed that new parts of the brain work with language or playing an instrument.  I am learning the piano as well.  I am almost through my daughter's second grade music books. 

Keep up the podcasts.  I had better go out and spread bark with my husband for a few hours.

Sherri Robinson Spokane Valley

I'd like to thank Sherri for sharing her discoveries concerning retirement with us. She has obviously given her retired life careful thought and is pretty pleased with the results. She has not only thought about it but she has taken action. That is what this podcast is all about.

If you have stories of your retirement experiences drop me a line. I' ll be glad to share it with our listeners or call you and record your own voice stating your case.

This is Retirement Talk. I'm Del Lowery.



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