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Road Trip 1: Western, Southern and Southeast Edge of America.

Road Trip 2: The American West: Washington, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California and Oregon

Road Trip 3 West Coast and East of the Sierra Mountain


Road Trip 1

107 - Road Trip USA - Planning
An oft heard dream of many retirees is to, "Take a road trip around the America".  We are gearing up for just such a trip. We will document our venture here through several podcasts. What works and what doesn't? When you take the trip you can avoid the mistakes. Text

109 - Road Trip Part 2 - The Vehicle

This retirement podcast is part of a series concerning taking a road trip across America. A major consideration has to be what type of vehicle will serve the needs of an extended venture. Here is the path we took. The reasons and goals are discussed. Text

110 - Road Trip - A Place to Stay

There are many ways to travel. Where to sleep each night is a particularly important consideration. Our trip plan revolves around home exchanges as established basis from which to experience general areas. Here's the plan. Text

111 - Road Trip Part 4 Why Travel?
Why do we always seem to want to travel? It seems to be part of retirement lifestyle.  Before we take a trip we might want to clarify in our mind just exactly what we hope to gain. Perhaps we are better off staying home.  Text

112 - Road Trip Part 5 Starting Out or Actualization
The day the trip starts can be filled with surprises. Our road trip across the country was no different. It seemed like the gods were planning against us, but the trip did get underway. We went from Bellingham, Washington to Sutter Creek, California in this first leg of the trip. Text

113 - Road Trip Part 6 Hope, Arizona and RV'ing
For many retirees their senior lifestyle revolves around traveling to warm climates with an RV. Here is an example of one place and one person who has been doing that very thing for 13 years. You might like it; then again... Text

114 - Road Trip Part 7 Retirement in Sun City, Arizona
Retirement lifestyle choices lead many Americans to Sun City, Arizona. This interview gives one view of why it is such a great place to retire for some. Others may conclude that it is not for them. (Audio Only)

115 - Road Trip Part 8: Forced Retirement & Sun City
In this retirement podcast a more difficult retirement is discussed; a medical retirement. How does one deal with health demands that end work and force retirement? In this interview we meet and talk to a fibromialgia victim. Hearing such stories help all of us gain perspective on our own lives. (Audio Only)

116 - Road Trip Part 9: From Ruidoso to New Orleans
Ruidoso, New Mexico works well with my friends senior lifestyle. They moved here at age 78 and love it. Big Bend National Park, Austin and San Antonio are also visited in this podcast. Text

117 - Road Trip: Part 10 New Orleans
"I love New Orleans". Everyone I met who lives in New Orleans said that. No exceptions. This retirement podcast is focused on our road trip stop in New Orleans. From the French Quarter to Katrina, I have a few observations. Text

118 - Road Trip: Part 11 Bay Saint Louis to Panama City
This retirement podcast follows our journey along the Gulf of Mexico focusing on Bay Saint Louis and Panama City. The real story is about visiting old friends. Retirees, be the boomers or seniors, can find pure enjoyment by renewing old friendships. Text

119 - Road Trip: Part 12 Sarasota

For many, the senior lifestyle dream involves moving to Florida. Our road trip included a stop in both Panama City and in Sarasota. We could visit some friends and check out the appeal. Text

120 - Road Trip: Part 13 Savannah and Strength Training

This retirement podcast follows our road trip through Savannah, Georgia. It then moves through South Carolina and visit with a retired friend who has found his key to retirement in competitive weight lifting. Text

121 - Road Trip: Part 14 Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Durham and Chapel Hill are college towns: Duke and the University of North Carolina. The towns are similar in many ways. They are great places to live according to the residence. Retirement Talk looks at each in this podcast. Text

122 - Road Trip: Part 15 Washington D.C.

Washington DC is a destination point on this road trip. Retirement talk often evolves into discussion of our nation's capital. This retirement podcast tells of a four day visit to the famed city. It proves a demanding but rewarding city to visit. Text

123 - Road Trip Part 16: Chesapeake Bay to Monticello
This retirement podcast comes from our turning point on our road trip. We turn west from Chesapeake Bay and head west. Without clear direction, we tend south and west.  Charlottesvelle, Virginia becomes our next stop. Text

124 - Road Trip Part 17: Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway to Graceland
Driving the Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway can be beautiful in the winter - beautiful vistas and little to no traffic. But the home of Elvis Presley was the highlight of these few days. For anyone of retirement age, visiting Graceland will bring back lots of memories. Text

125 - Road Trip Part 18: Mississippi
A memorable stop on our road trip was the great state of Mississippi. We went there to pay homage to two great American writers and visit a cousin. We left with a deeper understanding of what it means to live in the south. Text

126 - Road Trip Part 19: The Road Runs to Denver
I could move to Denver, Colorado. Driving from Jackson, Mississippi we made miles. The road was straight and flat. We did find some interesting stops, but the city of Denver and the local neighborhood of our friend were gems.

130 Road Trip Part 18: Reflections Over Lessons Learned
The last step in the Epicurean development of the Cult of Happiness is to reflect on our planning and actualization. In completing the Road Trip Series the reflections prove enlightening.  There were steps to emulate and omissions that should be corrected.


Trip 2 Road Trip: American West

251 Road Trip Reflections


A time to re-examine our own lives should never be passed by. A road trip can provide the perfect setting for thinking outside the box of normal surroundings. Our vision may be enhanced under a different light.

250 Mojave, Death Valley and Yosemite


Turn around time for our road trip. Three beautiful national parks and lightly driven roads greet our next move. Hot morning coffee, great music and beautiful fall colors combine to bring a real sense of contentment. No need to rush life.

249 Tucson


Tucson is a town I have wanted to visit for a long time. We always think there may be another place that we might rather live than where we now live. This visit was an eye opener for me.

248 Mountain Meadow Massacre


Some things escape us as we move through life. The Mountain Meadow Massacre is one. A long road trip gives us time to take in things that may get overlooked by the masses. It is always good to get off the beaten path once in a while.

247 Road Trip Bellingham to Salt Lake City


We point the car south and east to start an extended road trip. It is fall and it is beautiful all over the country. The Northwest is no different.We are off to a good start. And we find espresso everywhere.

246 Road Trip - The Southwest


One of the joys of a road trip is anticipation. Deciding where to go and making more detailed plans is required. How to travel? Where to travel? When to travel? Here is the plan.

Trip 3 West Coast and East of the Sierra and Cascade Mountains

350 On the Road 2013



Our first week on the road: did our plans work? Problems? Experiences. Retirement offers many advantages to travel. We try to not just drive down the road. The goal is to enjoy - each day.

349 On the Road(rebroadcast 247)


We point the car south and east to start an extended road trip. It is fall and it is beautiful all over the country. The Northwest is no different.We are off to a good start. And we find espresso everywhere. (We are presently on a similar trip but I forgot a tiny audio jack which prevents me from recording this week. Sorry.)

348 Options for Road Trip


Taking a road trip offers us many options. We can choose bike, motorcycle, RV, car, SUV, pickup truck or whatever. The method chosen can determine much about the nature of the trip.

347 Road Trip Plan


Planning a road trip is part the American Dream. We want to just leave everything behind and find some new adventure. What is around the bend and over the hill? Lets make a plan.                                                                                                                                                            Retirement Talk for Boomers, Seniors, and Retirees